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Mark Mabe: President/Co-Founder

    Message from President & Co-Founder...


    As a group of Chesapeake employees were discussing ways to get involved in the community, the decision was made to sponsor a Bass Fishing Tournament at Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas. In order to collect money for entries and sponsorships, I suggested we form a charity organization. So with the cooperation and coordination of volunteers, CBT Charity was organized and in March of 2006 the first Chesapeake (CBT Charity) Tournament was held. The proceeds from the Bass Tournament were donated to Military Hunt Show of  Support.

    CBT Charity, Inc. was incorporated in February of 2010 and our Board Members continue to seek opportunities to help support our American Heroes in our military through supporting organizations such as the military hunts and fishing tournaments for organizations like Show of Support. We have also had the opportunity to sponsor sporting clay events to help individuals in the Oil & Gas Community in the Permian Basin with unexpected hardships, medical assistance and catastrophic events.
    Due to the overwhelming support shown by the people of West Texas and the oil & gas community in the Permian Basin, CBT Charity, Inc. has sponsored numerous events and tournaments. In 2007, a local oil & gas consultant was diagnosed with cancer. Through quick work a sporting clay event was organized and again the generosity of the Permian Basin allowed us to donate $39,000 to this individual for medical assistance.
    As the President for CBT Charity, Inc., I look forward to the opportunities to continue to help and support those who have fought for our country, those who suffer through unexpected circumstances and those who have had a catastrophic event in their lives.  We as the CBT Charity, Inc. Board of Directors encourage people to contact us so we continue to have events in support of these victims.  The "Spirit of Helping" those in need is what CBT Charity is all about and we hope to see you at our future events.

    Mark Mabe 







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